6 Spring Hits

On one of my regular hunts for new artists, I came across these ladies. They may not be super fresh finds, but they are new to me and below are some of my favourite songs by them.


Kali Uchis

Neon signs and boulevards lined with palm trees flash in your mind when you listen to singer, Kali Uchis. Her indie-pop songs are definite earworms and her album Por Vida is worth a listen. Check out “Know What I Want” and “Rush” for some great rhythms and cool, catchy lyrics.


Cruel Youth

Powerful vocal cords, coupled with interesting lyrics, Cruel Youth create fantastic imagery to dance along to. The new album +30mg is a great listen, all hits including the song “Hatef*ck”, a mellow, electric-pop track, and the punchy “Alexis Texas”, a song full of attitude.



A tremendous voice, Montaigne, also known as Jessica Cerro, is addictive. Her new album, Glorious Heights, is full of extremely catchy pop songs, all of which encourage you to dance. The electric “In the Dark” is a favourite, but to be honest, the whole album is hands-down amazing.


Ecca Vandal

The mysterious Ecca Vandal sings with attitude and passion. Her songs stand out in the stream of mainstream music, with alternative influences from pop to rock. Check out the forceful “Battle Royal” to get your blood pumping.


Ali Barter

With her sweet pop songs, Ali Barter is incredible likable. Her lyrics are amusing and thought-provoking, especially her popular songs “Girlie Bits” and “Cigarette”.



Solo artist E^ST is an alternative singer, creating songs with appealing lyrics and interesting rhythms to match. Her songs “Get Money!” and “Here Comes Karma” is sure to get you dancing, and if you’re a fan of the film Cabaret, check out her version of “The Money Song”.


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