3 Films That’ll Make You Smile

Some days you want to be cheered up with a film that reminds you of life’s quirks in all its eccentric forms. Below are three films that have recently made me smile from such a reminder.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople

An unwanted lad is adopted by a couple living on the outskirts of the New Zealand bush, i.e. a rolling wilderness filled with gorgeous greenery and lakes. The boy is Ricky Baker, played by Julian Dennison, who possesses such great screen presence that he overshadows his counterpart Sam Neill, who plays Ricky’s cantankerous uncle Hec. The two of them go on the run from the authorities through the bush, ensuing in fantastic quirky moments that will have you quietly digesting and laughing out loud all at once. It’s a wonderful film with a message of how to find your place in the world.

giphy 1


Skeleton Twins

A brother and sister, once inseparable, have not seen each other in ten years. It is only the suicide attempt of Milo, Bill Hader’s quirky character, that brings the two together and makes them realise just how much of an absence they left in one another’s lives. While he recovers, Milo stays with his sister Maggie, played by Kristen Wiig, who may seem to have anything under control at first, but soon the truth leaks out. Gradually, they let each other into their once separate lives and come to realise just how much they need the other as they begin to mend themselves with one another’s help.

giphy 2


Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

You could watch this film with the expectation of having a belly full of laughter, since the protagonist is Tina Fey, but you would be wrong. Although the film has its comedic moments, there is an engaging undercurrent that sweeps you up into the semi-biographical storyline. Kim Baker, Tina Fey’s onscreen character, is tired of her dreary, grey life as a writer of household goods and decides to take a role as a foreign correspondent, covering the Afghanistan war in its early years. Opposite Tina Fey is an array of characters that make the film as arresting as it is, including Margot Robbie and Martin Freeman, as they party and discover a warped reality in the middle of a war zone.

giphy 3


Similar films, if you are interested, include the films by the director Wes Anderson (which you can read about here).


Cover photo via stuff.co.nz.


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