Oh My GIF: London Living

Being from another city, living and working in London can be trying. What’s even more trying, is finding a job in writing, with an unsurprising background in English Literature. Below are 10 light-hearted jabs about the quirks of living and working in London.


1. Trudging through job sites, preparing for some bureaucratic ass-kissing.

Of course, I want to work for you, Generic Company #6.

3. via giphy


2. Being rejected for the umpteenth time.

Numbness is normal, right?



3. Resorting to working for free.

Eating is overrated anyway.

4. via giphy


4. Having to write an essay and have five years’ experience for an unpaid internship.

6. via giphy


5. Writing for obscure online publications.

Got to love dealing with a sassy editor when you’re unpaid.

7. via tumblr


6. Being told that you nearly got the job, but you didn’t.

Care to elaborate on that?

8. via giphy


7. Remembering that, yes, you can spell when someone questions your language skills.

I do have a bachelors, masters and CELTA qualification, don’t I?

9. via tumblr


8. Being told to be both unique and average with your writing style.

via giphy


9. Questioning your sanity, you are ready to give up and leave the city…

1. via tumblr


10. …before London reels you back in with an ass-shaking, guitar shredding busker.

Suddenly, you need ALL of the money.



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