Alternative La La Land

Warning – spoilers of the film La La Land!


Away from all of the film’s nominations, La La Land is genuinely delightful. The ending, however, didn’t sit well with me, so I’m going to suggest an alternative ending. The final scene is five years on from when the two characters last said goodbye to each other.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having family ties, but why did it have to be Emma Stone’s character, Mia, to return with a child and husband? Couldn’t Ryan Gosling’s character, Sebastian, have a child running around his feet, a wife in the side-lines? Why did it have to be the woman to turn up with a family?

My suggestion, then, for an alternative ending: Mia is returning from a night out with her girlfriends (who mysteriously disappear after she moves in with Sebastian). She stumbles across a jazz bar and, sauntering inside, she realises that it is Seb’s bar. She sits and orders a drink. Seb walks on stage, sees her and begins to play their song on the piano. A beautiful sequence occurs while he plays, as if they are simultaneously remembering their time together, as well as what could have happened if they had stayed together. Touching the last few keys, he looks at the seat Mia occupies, only to find it empty. She is standing by the door, looking back at him with a content smile on her face. They have both found their place in the world, as strong, independent artists.

My writing may not match the script’s composition, but the gist is there. Mia returns not as a wife or mother, but as Seb’s equal. She may have a family back home, as might Seb, but that is not the focus here. The focus is on how both Mia and Seb have realised their dreams and, in that moment, appreciate the time and passion they shared together.


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