An Introvert At Heart

Sometimes I forget to talk when I’m around people and it isn’t until I start getting the sideway glances to check if I’m still conscious that I notice. I’m an introvert at heart, I like to be quiet and take in my surroundings. I mean no offence. I think this is why I sometimes forget to use my common sense.

I was on the train last week and I saw a father and son playing a video game. For a solid three hours they were deliberating war tactics and weapon choices. It was wonderful. They were both completely detached from reality. Or, rather, this shared reality, since they clearly had created their own reality which consisted of killing orcs.

One of my favourite distractions is fantasy. I’m an avid reader of the genre and I love watching films with a spark of magic in them. That’s why I love travel so much. It is the closest thing to magic that I’ve experienced. Dancing salsa on a rooftop bar, seeing the sunrise over mountaintops, swimming in a tropical paradise. I suppose that’s when I feel most alive.

The Prussian painter, Karl Friedrich Schinkel, created the most wonderful landscapes. My favourite is Castle by the River, found in the Berlin museum Alte Nationalgalerie. Nature has welcomed the castle, with a stag entering a sunlit courtyard, and all is quiet as the sun gently sets. It could easily be the base of a magical kingdom.


Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Castle by the River

It is finding a gem like this, in the everyday, that makes me happy. My friend recently wrote a brilliant article on being happy (read it here). There is no equation to officiate when or how we can be happy. I like the philosophy of “what’s meant to happen, will happen”. Does that mean I should just sit back and relax? In a way, yes. I am both laidback and an over-thinker. A weird contrast, but I am easy-going in the day-to-day running of things, but anything more than a week away sends me into a frenzied spiral of overanalysed consequences.

The unknown excites me, since it provides me hope with its unpredictability. In job interviews, I hate the question, “Where do you see yourself in five years?”. How are you supposed to answer that? I could meet someone tomorrow who will change my entire perspective. That’s the magic of life, the unknown.


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