6 Songs To Blast Winter Blues

Winter has officially set in and, if you’re like me, imagining sunny days and glittering oceans make you drool more than the thought of a Christmas dinner. Below is an eclectic sample of songs to help you forget what is so blue about winter.


White Foxes – Susanne Sundfør

A slow, pulsating beat begins this otherworldly song by Norwegian singer, Susanne Sundfør. White Foxes creates fantastical imagery and Sundfør, in an interview, explains that the song is about feeling peaceful.

To me, the most idyllic place to cleanse yourself is in the middle of nowhere. The only thing you can see is snow and white foxes…

With beautiful lyrics to match her equally beautiful voice, White Foxes is a stunning song that will transport you to another world.

If you like Sundfør, check out these artists: Ane Brun, Thea Hjelmeland, Sløtface, Aurora, Hvitmalt Gjerde.


Everyone’s Moving To Berlin – Lail Arad

This perky song, by London-born singer Lail Arad, makes you smile with its smart lyrics. Arad comments on the recent rush of love for the German capital and created a song to match the city’s quirky side.

Where I’m going

With all your rules

They won’t let you in

So kiss me goodbye

I’ll send you a postcard from Berlin

Its wonderful beat has you toe-tapping immediately and Arad’s voice is wonderfully strong and dry. Arad brings something different to a well-defined, but ever-changing genre.

Arad’s song Who Am I is also highly recommended – especially if you’re a Kinks fan. The song is like a modern, female response to A Well Respected Man.


Picture This – Kero Kero Bonito

Fun. That is the most perfect word to describe this song and this band. The London based trio, Kero Kero Bonito (KKB), are unashamedly psychedelic and outgoing in their songs. Their influences come anywhere from J-Pop to gaming music, and with cheery lyrics coupled with eclectic rhythms, KKB always makes you want to jump and smile. The song Picture This notes how selfie-centric we have become and although selfies are sometimes done purely for social media, they also provide a brilliant way to catalogue memories.

When you’re old and wise you’ll find

All the shots you’ve got

Bring back the time it’s easy to believe

Yesterday was so sweet

Their new album, Bonito Generation, is out now and you should definitely check out the hilarious video to the song, Break. And if you want a truly psychedelic rainbow of a song, give Flamingo a listen.


The Ghosts of Charlie Barracuda – The Devil and the Almighty Blues

This Norwegian band released their self-titled album, The Devil and the Almighty Blues, last year and every song is as good as the last and titillates your rocker senses. This particular song opens up the album and dirty blues is how I would describe it. A slow rhythm introduces the song, until halfway through when the band let go and reveal strong, punchy beats. And though the lyrics are sparse, they tell a story of past lives and self-perception to match the hidden angst in the song.

Look away from the window

Look away from the cold

Look into the mirror

Heavy ghost, heavy dragons

A brilliant choice to escape winter with, as the song allows you to release any personal pent up angst (especially if you have family round).


The Magic – Joan As Police Woman

Dry lyrics and an understated beat make this song the earworm that it is. An American singer, Joan sings about looking for that magical release to liberate an inner conflict that has been caged.

I’ve got the mirror up against the marquee

And all it reads is, I am fine, I am divine

But there is a wild side going on behind the sign

Despite the rhythm being somewhat subdued, the song is incredibly catchy and interesting, with the lyrics making the song relatable in regards to the release of secret desires (my personal interpretation). Check out the official music video, which is both awesome and slightly confusing at the same time.


Midnight – Lianne La Havas

Midnight is beautifully sung in Lianne La Havas’ effortless style, with a wonderful rhythm to balance the fantastical lyrics. Hailing from London, La Havas sings of a midnight escape to a place where, although alone, she experiences magical moments.

And if you think I’m crazy

Pay it no mind

You’ll never know

The places I go

When I’m alone

Perhaps the song is about taking a path that deviates from the norm and the exciting opportunities that wait for you if you dare do so. Whatever the meaning, the song itself is an escape from the winter season.


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