Fantasy As It Should Be: Heartless

I’m a latecomer to the Scandinavian TV party, but better late than never.

I have just finished the Danish series called Heartless. The storyline centres around a brother and a sister, Sebastian and Sofie, who are cursed with the need to feed on other people’s life force. They want to find out why they are cursed and end up at a boarding school for their answers. Here, drama explodes and entices you.

Yet the storyline isn’t the only thing to entice.

I am a self-professed fantasy and sci-fi addict, so I’ve fed myself a fair amount of good and bad fiction. Heartless is in the former category. It is subtle, dark and very sensual. No element of the storyline is overdone, including the casual sexuality of the characters. The method of how Sebastian and Sofie feed is through the mouth and they (or, rather, the English subtitles) refer to it as “sucking”. Sofie is fierce and strong, and falls for Emilie, an equally fiery young woman, a relationship which is beautifully and casually represented, as it should be.


The relationships in the series have a wonderful and interesting dynamic.

The entire backdrop of the series is stylish and under gothic influence, set in muted colours. The cast are otherworldly at times, with a quiet beauty that Hollywood can never achieve. Perhaps it is due to the language, which adds an unfamiliar, yet enchanting quality to a genre I know so well, but I think the Scandinavian style is definitely something you should experience. Like I said, better late than never.


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