7. Nha Trang – Sunset Beers

A beautiful coastline with friendly locals made Nha Trang memorable for us – including the hostel’s enthusiastic receptionist. As soon as we arrived he sat us down for tea to talk English with us. We eventually got him to take us to our rooms (top floor, of course) and he went over every amenity the room held (which was not an awful lot). Immediately after leaving, he rings us from reception to check if we like the room.

We set out to explore, but with so many tempting restaurants we stop for food (pho ga, chicken noodle broth, with an iced coffee) and as it got later into the evening we stop at the beach to watch the sunset. Fending off some locals wanting to take our photo, we sit back with some beers.

Transportation heading north of the country was filling up fast so we book our next coach trip to Hoi An, as Vietnam was celebrating 40 years after the war ended. We filled the next couple of days sat under palm trees, reading and swimming, sometimes pretending we were Russian (so many Russian tourists here). Although any relaxation we did evaporated as we ended the visit with an intense power walk with our large backpacks on to our coach after the receptionist told us the wrong pickup information. Trudging through masses of people, with incessant honking and “hello lady” shout outs, we were glad to collapse onto the coach. That is until I find out I was on a bottom bed and had an unexpected sleeping buddy on the floor beside me for the entire journey. Yet thirteen hours later, on five hours sleep, we arrive in Hoi An.


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